Tap into the pulse of your organization



Build trust with two-way open communication



Foster an environment where everyone feels connected



Reward & recognize your team for their work

1:1sDrive meaningful conversations

Ensure regular communication between managers and teams to form better connections. Set engaging agendas, take shared or private notes, create actionables together, and drive truly meaningful 1:1s.

Drive meaningful conversations
PraiseCelebrate your team’s wins

Highlight and recognize the exceptional work, the smaller wins, and the good deeds. Bring your people into the spotlight to celebrate them and their contribution with everyone.

Celebrate your team’s wins
FeedbackBuild a culture of continuous feedback

Make it simple for everyone to give and receive actionable feedback that helps them become better versions of themselves. Write something from scratch or use suggested templates and inspire continuous improvement in your team.

Build a culture of
continuous feedback
CommunityBring your organization closer together

Exchange resources, ideas, and support across the company. From dedicated spaces for announcements to those for open discussions ⎯ build a customized community to talk about the things that matter most to you and your peers.

Bring your organization
closer together

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