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Learner-FirstLearning Management System

Lyearn empowers organisations to deliver a deeply engaging experience to their learners where they are, anytime, anywhere.

Simple & Engaging

Clean, engaging and a modern UI so learning is frictionless and fun.

Works on All Devices

Learners can take trainings on any device of their choice, even while offline, and their progress will be automatically tracked and synced when they are back online.

Rich Assignments

Audio, Video, Free text and interactive question types that truly help assess learner’s understanding.

Expert/Peer Coaching

Get expert feedback and peer evaluation on assignments for better learning and accountability.

Learning Paths

Create interwoven experiences using learning assets available within Lyearn or external SCORM packages

Along with... Powerful Reporting and Management

Lyearn is built for the largest organisations - we have automated as many things as we could so admins have more time for other value-added activites for the learner.

Easy access to training data with customized reports

Monitor learner performance with simple reports at the click of a button or build your own reports, across groups of learners, learning plans, certifications, and dates with a variety of course and user-data fields.

Automate user grouping and enrollment

Automatically assign or enroll users who meet certain criteria in courses and learning plans based on rules you configure.

White-labeling and Customisation

Reinforce your brand within your LMS by using your logo and branding to create a familiar learning experience for your employees, partners and customers.

Customizable notifications in your LMS or delivered to your inbox

Lyearn offers configuration of notifications on various events like user pass/fail, completion and 10 others so learners and admins never miss a beat in their learning program.

24*7 Service

We will stay with you throughout, so there is nothing stopping the learning and teaching.

Customer Stories

Here's what our clients are saying..

“Scaling a company to become a global leader requires a relentless focus on excellence - and our talent development is a big part of that. Lyearn enables a learner-first, interactive, mobile experience that fits with what our skilled talent expect of an international market leader.”
Carlos DominguezCarlos DominguezPresident, Sprinklr

“Being in the enablement industry, we’ve seen our fair share of learning platforms and Lyearn is setting the bar. The ability to create learning solutions that not only test for knowledge, but provide learners and managers alike the ability to assess how well that information has been internalized is a true game changer. Having the confidence that learners not only know the content but that they can apply it as well has led to better adoption and greater returns for our customers.

The fact that our customers and the individual learners all love the experience makes Lyearn a must-have tool in our portfolio.”

Matt JordanMatt JordanManaging Director, Force Management
“As a rapidly growing company, we know how important it is to train our expanding team. Lyearn makes it easy, intuitive and fun - both for the learner, and for the administrator. The content creator makes it easy to put together a course, and the peer-review feature is great for connecting our global workforce.”
Janette KosiorJanette KosiorHead of Product Marketing, Sisense