Goals & OKRs

Set and achieve ambitious goals

Define and track objectives and measurable key results across your company. Ensure everyone contributes to the larger vision.

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Tree ViewNavigate OKRs with clarity

Gain a concise overview of your OKRs through a tree view. Quickly spot connections, track progress, and ensure your OKRs are on the right path.

Navigate OKRs with clarity
Progress UpdatesUpdate progress with ease

Update the progress of your OKRs effortlessly and stay informed with an activity log for each step.

Update progress with ease
OKRs ReportingOptimize performance with reporting

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports on your OKRs. Gain valuable insights into progress, achievements, and areas for improvement, ensuring informed decision-making for your goals.

Optimize performance with reporting
JIRA & Slack IntegrationEnhance efficiency with integrations

Keep your OKRs seamlessly synchronized with your JIRA issues and stay updated on progress through Slack integration.

Enhance efficiency with integrations