Team Meetings

Build momentum with regular syncs

Create a single place for each project and team to focus on their tasks and objectives. Keep it all organized with notes, insights, and more.

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Meeting AgendaCraft better meetings

Build an agenda that fits your needs. Categorize items with labels like align, discuss, inform, and update, and attach OKRs and tasks for easy access.

Craft better meetings
OKRs & Tasks in MeetingsDiscuss goals together

Use meetings as a dedicated space for discussing and sharing updates on assigned OKRs and tasks.

Discuss goals together
Calendar IntegrationStay connected with your calendar

Keep yourself informed and alert by seamlessly adding meeting schedules to your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to ensure you never miss important discussions.

Stay connected with your calendar
Meeting RecapRecall your past meetings

Retrieve insights from previous meetings effortlessly. Quickly access and review agenda points and relevant documents discussed during those meetings.

Recall your past meetings
Smart SummarySave time recapping past meetings

Gain concise and insightful summaries of your past meetings, generated by Lyearn AI, providing you with a quick overview of your past discussions.

Save time recapping past meetings