Drive meaningful conversations

Ensure regular communication between managers and teams to form better connections. Set engaging agendas, take shared or private notes, create actionables together, and drive truly meaningful 1:1s.

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1:1 Meeting Agenda Conduct meaningful conversations

Run productive and targeted conversations by categorizing agenda items with labels like align, discuss, inform, and update. Attach OKRs and tasks directly to relevant agenda for easy access.

Conduct meaningful conversations
Private NotesTake discreet and personal notes during 1:1s

Empower individuals to take private notes during 1:1s for personal accountability and reference.

Take discreet and personal notes during 1:1s
1:1 TemplatesSimplify 1:1s preparation with customizable templates

Choose from pre-existing options or create your own, making it easy for anyone in the organization to have productive and consistent discussions.

Simplify 1:1s preparation with customizable templates
Calendar IntegrationSync your schedule

Keep yourself informed and alert by seamlessly adding your 1:1 schedule directly with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, ensuring you never miss a 1:1 meeting.

Sync your schedule
Profile SnapshotAccess report’s key information

Quickly access report’s key information such as report goals, skills, tasks, and more, making it easier to check-in and follow up efficiently.

Access report’s key information
Recap Past 1:1s Recall past conversations

Recall and review past 1:1s effortlessly, enabling effective follow-ups and ensuring accountability for the actions discussed.

Recall past conversations