Don’t stop at just theory - close the loop with assessments

Make learning more effective through quizzes and submissions. Embed them inside other content or use them on their own to evaluate and understand your team’s learning.

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Assessment BuilderTest your learnings with interactive assessments

Create interactive assessments with quizzes and submissions by using varied question types and configurable settings.

Test your learnings with interactive assessments
Impact SkillsImprove overall skills through assessments

Attach skills to assessments to directly impact employee’s overall skill score.

Improve overall skills through assessments
Evaluate AssessmentGet reviewed by peers and managers

Automate evaluation by setting correct answers for objective assessments, or get reviewed from multiple peers and managers on open-ended subjective assessments.

Get reviewed by peers 
and managers
AnalyzeTrack, monitor, and optimize

Monitor assessment progress status and scores effectively through comprehensive reporting.

Track, monitor, and optimize