Content Management

Manage content to drive personalized experiences

Customize content experiences to help employees reach personal and organizational goals.

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Visibility SettingsControl content access

Control content visibility to ensure employees only see what’s relevant to their role and responsibilities, making a personalized learning experience

Control content access
CollectionsGroup relevant content together

Bundle related content and sessions together with Collections, providing your team with seamless access to all the resources they need

Group relevant content together
Drip SettingsTake control of content release

Support progressive learning with drip settings, allowing you to gradually deliver learning content to employees at a carefully planned pace that suits their learning path, ensuring engagement and knowledge retention

Take control of content release
Tags & CategoriesKeep it organized

Improve content management with the ability to tag and categorize your resources, making it easier to organize, discover, and manage efficiently

Keep it organized
AssignmentsSet due dates and track progress

Assign content to employees with due dates, ensuring timely completion and keeping your employees on track with their learning goals

Set due dates and track progress